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Author of short literary pieces, public art installations, net projects, creative interventions, and essays; researcher and teacher/trainer/workshop leader in the areas of creativity, writing, intercultural matters, communicative competence in English, language development and phonology, problem solving and thinking skills, Paul Bowles...  Process oriented teaching: interactive, dialogues, presentations, reading and understanding the short story... 

My work has both autobiographical and socio-cultural aspects. What I select to write about and what is left out is of elemental importance. Often a very small insignificant event is presented for reflection on larger themes.


"Marjorie Kanter´s work is fresh, ironic, and impregnated with a subtle humor and sensitivity. Her free style of writing captures events and personal experiences of real life in different cultural and geographical environments. She plays with words, grammar, mixes languages, and uses other techniques to give the right tone to her short literary pieces. Reading this book is a unique experience."

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lived and worked in Pennsylvania and Boston from 1971 - 1985. Residence in Spain since 1986...Madrid and Tarifa at the southernmost point of Europe. Extended stays in Morocco and Altos de Chavon, the Dominican Republic. 


BFA, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA; MA, University of Cincinnati, Cinti, Ohio, USA.

Audio interviews

(Jul. 15, 2006)
Interview with Writer Marjorie Kanter

(May 15, 2013) 
Marjorie Kanter:  The Mad Open Mic Series: Captured Words

(Jan 4, 2023)
Performing Tangier, with Marjorie Kanter


Marjorie Kanter reads from her book Small talk.

Net Texts

Realized and projected projects include: The Bagged Stories, Im/politeness, Supracficciones, Historias para la espera, Transformations...

Talking Selves/Talking Cultures

Process oriented, interactive, dialogical... mesh 

creativity, writing, journal keeping, interactivity

and communicative competence. In English and

in Spanish. Designed specifically for the needs and interests of each individual and group from

beginners up, and all ages:

- Creativity and writing

- Journal keeping and life writing

- Language immersion

Storywalk(ing): A Walking Tour of El Barrio de Las Letras

Writer Marjorie Kanter will take you on a fun with words, illustrated walk through the streets around Plaza Santa Ana in downtown Madrid, the neighborhood where she lives and works.  Along the way, we will stop for Marjorie to read some of her literary pieces at the specific points where they first occurred.  These short literary pieces are about her daily life experiences and observations.

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