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> The international Short Story Conference in English: DIVERSITY OF VOICES: A GLOBAL STORYTELLING HISTORY, Singapore, Creativity Writing Workshop: Notice/Attention, Accurate Recording and Playfulness plus a reading from my texts, June, 2023.

> Publication of Field Notes/Notas de Campo: From one moment to another/Entre un momento y otro, now projected for February, 2023.


The second half of 2022 in person:

> Keynote address:


Performing Tangier Festival, 18th edition: The Performing Body, Tangier, November, 2022.

> Workshop: 

Waiting in Silence: Opening Doors to Creativity and Body Expression', with Abderrahim El Ouahabi and his students at the Ibn Batouta High SchoolTangier Festival, 18th edition: The Performing Body 

Tangier, November, 2022.

What I did during the longest, hardest, most difficult days of COVID:

> Moving bodies outdoors. Masked. Together. Eyes to eyes. Arms moving. Legs moving. Walking walking and walking while talking talking. Building friendships. Sharing. Exchanging. Supporting. Finding ways to be together in real life. Online conferences, workshops, open mics. Writing. Talking on the phone. Walking in my hallway. Reading. Learning to do new things. 

> Participant in the Unamuno Poetry  Festival, 

May 27-June 1, 2019.

Full festival program:

Marjorie Kanter´s reading

June 1st, 2019,

Aleatorio Bar, c/ Ruiz 7 (Malasaña), 

Unamuno Literary Festival, Madrid








Universidad Complutense, Madrid, June 19- 21, 2019.

- Paper:  Life Writing: Encounters as an Activation Tool for the Creative Process in Self and Other

- Workshop: Creativity Writing Workshop: Notice/Attention, Accurate Recording and Playfulness

> Across Borders and Thresholds: Performing Migration - An International Symposium,

Tangier, Morocco, 23-26, November, 2018


Participation in the

International Short Story Conference in English, Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal - June 28, 2018

Reading at

Desperate Literature

Madrid, June 1, 2017

Marjorie Kanter will be reading some of her writing in a public event on Friday, June 1st at Desperate Literature, a very special bookstore on Calle Campomanes 13, Madrid, (up the hill from Opera and a slightly more winding way down from Plaza Santo Domingo). The reading will begin at 8pm. Jonathan Blunk, biographer of James Wright, poet, and Octavio Quintanilla will also be presenting. This is part of the Unamuno Poetry Series.

> Performing Tangier Conference

Tangier, November, 2017 



  A walking tour of "El barrio de las letras"

   Madid, October 2. 2017


Writer and member Marjorie Kanter will take you on a fun with words, illustrated walk through the streets around Plaza Santa Ana in downtown Madrid, the neighborhood where she lives and works.  Along the way, we will stop for Marjorie to read some of her literary pieces at the specific points where they first occurred.  These short literary pieces are about her daily life experiences and observations.                   

> Story Walking Tour for ladies from Berlin - June 2017


> Teacher Trainer for Astex - Communicative Competence and Pronunciation Frames and Understandings - June 2017 and July


Story Walking Tour for Dan Wuebben's class from University of Nebraska - May 2017


Coming up: Historias para la espera

Unamuno Author series.png



Oct 21, 2018

Spanish translations in teamwork, Portuguese by Claudia Isabel Franco Moreno Evangelista Farinha, July 2018.

Retrato en Blanco y Negro


En el bar.

Una mosca

se posa

sobre una dama

vestida de blanco,


Retrato a preto e branco

uma mosca
no bar
numa senhora de vestido branco
a beber



Se despertó

just(o) a tiempo para aplaudir,

a continuación levantó la mano

para hacer la primera



Ela acordou
mesmo a tempo de aplaudir
e depois levantar a mão
para fazer a primeira 

Aug 15, 2017

May 3, 2017:


Translation, adaptation, bilingualism(s), word and style choice...



Uso la palabra 'campero' (refiriéndose a una persona) en un texto mío - The Campera, the Foreigner y el Novio. Algunos madrileños insisten en que 'CAMPERO' quiere decir botas (botos camperos) o huevos (huevos camperos) y que estoy en un error, que 'campero' no puede referir a una persona.  Me dicen que tendría que decir campesino. He vivido en Andalucía durante ocho años y mi familia política son todos andaluces...allí la palabra campero refiere/nombra a una persona que trabaja en el campo. Mirad este diccionario de andaluz u otro que sepáis.



Use of the word 'campero' referring to a person -  I am told by some Madrileños, (Madrileños refers to people from Madrid), that 'campero' can only refer to things like eggs and boots and that I am wrong when I use it to refer to a person, that I must use 'campesino' or another acceptable alternative, that I must check with the Royal Academy of Languages for how I write in Spanish.  


I have lived in Andalucia for eight years and my 'political' family is Andalucia the word 'campero' can refer to a person who works in the country in addition to things like eggs and boots. I am not trying to match the Royal Academies choice of words in this text set in Andalucia; I intend to be participating in the living language of the community which is the language I too have internalized. 


There are grammatical issues also such as the use of 'de que' that is used in oral language and 'leismos'; whether to be used or not in a creative text, to be determined by the context; not by a governing body. So what if my readers read what I have written as an error because they don't know the word?  How do I treat this?  Do? I write for them, for 'correction' or do I treat my usage of a particular way that may not be understood in some way such as providing a dictionary in the back of the book or footnotes or by saying something in an aside such as you dear reader, if you are not from Andalucia, know that this word is in usage and that my mind has chosen to use it specifically.

Once upon a time - Marjorie Kanter

Taking turns


May 8, 2017

2. Taking turns - my turn your turn his turn her turn their turn our turn everyone's turn.


April 14, 2017:

Let´s play with turn: Turn up turn down turn around burn learn fern right turn wrong turn up turn....keep going...

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