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The workshops are designed for interactive processes and opening doors plus establishing frameworks for focusing and thinking/reflection,  some are more process door openers and others more building structures. 

All are developed with the specific participants in mind.



in English and Spanish


Fun with Words + Silences: A Creativity Writing Workshop

This introductory workshop of three hours is process oriented and interactive. Designed for the beginner just curioseando to the experienced writer.  We will focus on opening up the mind and getting your flow going.  Turn the world upside down and inside out.  Observe, gather, brainstorm, imbed and disimbed.  Hear and see different points of view.  Enter themes through multiple doors.  No prior experience or expertise needed.  For children, teachers and adults in general.

Creativity and Writing:  A Threaded Sequence


This series of three, two hour workshops will be process oriented and interactive.  You will listen, notice, write, reflect, and share.  Participants will work through exercises, activities and reflection both alone, in pairs and as a group.  The author-trainer will intersperse the reading of some of her creative texts and her writing process with the presentation and working through of activities and exercises to facilitate the development of an open mind that learns to open doors to multiple ways of seeing things, to dig into the sub-conscious, to catch floating and often previously unnoticed thoughts, to expand thinking and the use of language to express that thinking, turn things upside down and inside out, notice and pay attention to oneself and what is around one's self, hear and see different points of view, capture and record accurately and then engage in playfulness to transform collected data into creative writing pieces.


Journal Keeping and Creativity


Join Marjorie Kanter to build a journal keeping habit, collect your experiences and exercise your creativity and writing. This workshop is process-oriented. Using words and images, we will focus on observing, gathering, playing with, and recording your experiences. Are you new to Madrid? Or have you been around for some time? We will visit memory lane and also what's going on right here and now. Do you want to be sure to record what you see and feel -- keep a record for yourself, or to share with your family and friends. We will work to open up the mind and get your flow going. Meant for both those who already keep a journal and those new to the experience.



for teachers ad students


Communicative Competence in your Second Language


Do you know some English grammar, vocabulary, even have a fairly high test level of English, but you sometimes have difficulty understanding speakers, forming correct sentences, pronouncing some sounds, and desire to expand your language skills? We will begin with basic sentences and develop your skills through techniques of expanding, reducing and transforming those sentences, plus outside of the class readings and listenings. Meant for the student who wants to do something other than fill in the blank and completion of exercises or simply conversation. Classes evolve and are developed based on your specific needs. Interactive meetings using LRSW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) short spurts designed for all participants to get their fair share of talk time.  Listen.  Work in pairs.  Write and present you small discussions to the larger group. Read and listen to audio/videos and summarize them in writing and in speech. One to one or in small-ish groups.

Frames, Sounds and Productions: Pronunciation 

for Teachers and/or Students


Are you a student who wants to improve their English language pronunciation or are you a teacher who wants to learn how to help your students with pronunciation in English? This workshop will:

- Provide a frame for considering English pronunciation from within the language.

- Contrast the sound system of Spanish and English.

- Introduce techniques for prompting correct pronunciation of difficult sounds.

- Build listening skills and sound differentiation.

- Include the consonants. vowels, diphthongs, w, qu and h.

- Touch on stress, rhythm and intonation.

Building Basic English: First Steps

Para principiantes del ingles - Escribime y te lo cuento en español. Primeros pasos con creatividad y accion.

Using immediate context of the classroom, getting to and from the classroom and daily activities, we will build the foundations for your English language development. Includes: learning of basic questions and answers, developing an ear for the sounds of the language, some basic information and vocabulary such as numbers, days of the week, months of the year, the alphabet, language to describe daily activities and self presentation plus small talk. Non-grammar focused. You will experience the language in context. The human mind is capable of extracting rules. This course focuses on developing skills in the language through the language and the context in which it is used, in communication and relationship with the other and helps to facilitate your mind so that it can do it's own work.

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