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Marjorie Kanter


Author of short literary pieces, public art installations, net projects, creative interventions, and essays; researcher and teacher/trainer/workshop leader in the areas of creativity, writing, intercultural matters, communicative competence in English, language development and phonology, problem solving and thinking skills, Paul Bowles...  Process oriented teaching: interactive, dialogues, presentations, reading and understanding the short story... 

My work has both autobiographical and socio-cultural aspects. What I select to write about and what is left out is of elemental importance. Often a very small insignificant event is presented for reflection on larger themes.

"Marjorie Kanter´s work is fresh, ironic, and impregnated with a subtle humor and sensitivity. Her free style of writing captures events and personal experiences of real life in different cultural and geographical environments. She plays with words, grammar, mixes languages, and uses other techniques to give the right tone to her short literary pieces. Reading this book is a unique experience."

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lived and worked in Pennsylvania and Boston from 1971-1985. Residence in Spain since 1986...Madrid and Tarifa at the southernmost point of Europe. Extended stays in Morocco and Altos de Chavon, the Dominican Republic. 


BFA, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA; MA, University of Cincinnati, Cinti, Ohio, USA.

Published Work /Obra Publicada


- ¨The Waitress¨ in The Radiance of the Short Story: Fiction from around the Globe edited by Maurice Lee.

- In the works: Historias para la Espera, collected texts adapted/orchestrated in/for Spanish.

- ¨Small talk¨, Journal of Life Writing, Monica Soeting, Editor, 2016.

- ¨The Swimming Pool¨in Influence and Confluence: East and West: A Global Anthology on the Short Story,

Maurice A. Lee, Editor, 2016.

- Small talk, a book length collection of short literary pieces, pre-publishing limited edition signed and numbered, La Espiral Escrita, May 2015.  The Written Spiral Publishing, ISBN edition signed/numbered and unsigned copies, Fall 2015.

- "The Swimming Pool" in Unbraiding the Short Story, Maurice A. Lee, Editor, 2014.

Ephemeral, disappeared: short texts in, Editor, Mabel Lee, Spring, 2013.

- ¨Facilitating Creativity in Self and Other¨ in Soul of the American Actor, Ronald Rand, Editor, Spring 2012.

- ¨Spilling Out¨ + ¨Reduction Leads to an Essence¨, Port Yonder Press, Spring 2012.

- ¨el Vestuario¨, ¨Reglas de cortesia¨, ¨sin/manos¨, ¨La Falda¨ in Poetas siglo XXI, Editor Fernando Sabido Sánchez,

- Impoliteness: One Hundred Im/polite Days, La Espiral Escrita, 2010.

- “House Menu” and “The Outsider” in Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain, Innoword Media, 2009.

- "Paul Bowles: Mixing Codes and Crossing Borders" in Bowles, Beats, Tangier,
Edited by Allen Hibbard and Barry Tharaud, Series: Conferences and Colloquia
#5, Performing Tangier, 2008.

- "Paul Bowles: Una Voz Modulada, Con Belleza, Simpleza y Una Fuerza
Especial" in Intramuros: biografías, autobiografías y memorias, Director: Beltrán
Gambier, Año XIII/coleccionable numero 26.

- The Saddle Stitch Notebooks, Working Pieces, Issues 1-8: One: Relationships,
Two: Appearances, Three: Mishaps, Four: Juxtapositions, Five: Codes, Six:
Identities, Seven Ingredients, Eight: Traces, Published by Ediciones La Espiral
Escrita, March 2006 - December 2009.

- Selected pieces included in Blades #3, #47, #49 and #50, Poporo Press, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012.

- Ephemeral/disappeared, selected texts in Spanish,, Mexico.

- I displace the air as I walk, a book length collection of pieces culled from
journals kept during a period of twenty years from life in Tarifa, Madrid,
Morocco, the Caribbean and Boston, Ediciones La Espiral Escrita, March 2004.

- "The Skirt"/ “La Falda”, The Barcelona Review, Editor, Jill Adams, March 2000.

- "El Enano", Mucho Cuento, Editorial Acumán, Spain, Nov. 2000.

- Text Only Postcards, Ediciones Caracola en Patines, Spain, 1999.

- Vendaval Magazine, Editor, Tarifa, Spain, 1988-90.

- MABE (Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education), Newsletter, Editor, Boston.

Installations, Projects and Public Art/Arte Público, Instalaciones y Proyectos

- Impoliteness, London Word Festival 2009-2010.

- Storywalking: tour which takes participants through the Barrio de las Letras,
Madrid and stops along the way for literary readings of texts written by Marjorie Kanter and read by her at the locations where they are set.

- Historias para la espera, interactive public project for La Noche En Blanco, 2008.

- The Bagged Stories, story + object in a baggie, on the net, meant for a site installation.

- Supraficciones: In-comunicación: These words are playing around. Fundación La Caixa, Lleida, Spain, Jan. 2007-Jan. 2008. Consists of seven text installations placed on steps, under seats, on mirrors and in the elevator inside the space of the Foundation.

- Madrid Abierto, Projecto Nexus, Intervention text (Marjorie Kanter) plus image (Ricardo Echevarria, Jose Luis Delgado Guitart, Achileas Kintonis, Maria Papacharalambous) art project of the Nexus Artgroup sent via mobile phones using blue tooth, Madrid, Spain, Feb. 2007

- transacciones/fadaiat tarifa 22+ 23, junio 2004, documentacion y proyecciones, Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, Tarifa, Spain

Translations/Adaptations/Rewiritngs into Spanish and Editing of Translations into English.

- In process: Historias para la espera, Creative texts in Spanish by Marjorie Kanter, adapted/orchestrated with this collaboration of a community of Spaniards.

- Kohl Tears, a play by by Issam El Yousfi written in arabic, translated initially by Doua Imran and reworked in collaboration with Khalid Amine and Abderrahim Elouahabi, 2014.


Webs, blogs, publications and activities on the Internet


- The Bagged Stories,
- The Barcelona Review,
- The Mad Open Mic/Captured Words
- Twitter: MarjorieKanter

- Im/Politeness project begun on Twitter and continued below:

- Transformations a project in process:

Videos on the Internet - English

- Marjorie Kanter en Kosmopolis on youtube                                                                    

- The Bagged Stories on youtube.                                                                                             

- On this particular day on youtube.

Videos on the Internet – Spanish

- Arroz on youtube.                                                                                                                 

- Supraficciones on Youtube
- Marjorie Kanter en Kosmopolis, Barcelona on youtube.
- Cuatro Españoles en Asilah reading at El Despertar for La Noche en Blanco, 
2007 on youtube.
- Emprendedor reading at El Despertar for La Noche en Blanco, 2007, on youtube.

Public Readings/Lecturas Públicas

Since 2004 public readings and workshops at conferences, schools and in numerous bookstores in Madrid, Barcelona, Tarifa (Spain), Paris, Morocco, Germany, Belgium, Austria, China and USA. The Mad Open Mic: Captured Words, Madrid, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011; Siegen, Germany, 2010, International Poetry Festival, Austin Texas, 2008; Gold Mine Saloon, Featured Poet, New Orleans; Featured Poet, El Despertar, Noche en Blanco, Madrid, 2007; University of New Orleans, Masters in Writing Program, Madrid, 2007; Popular Culture Conference, Boston, 2007; Newcomers Club, 2007; MESEA, The Society for Multiethnic Studies, International Conference on Life Writing and Histories, Pamplona, 2006; Hartley's Good Bookshop, Madrid, Spain, 2006; Monroe County Public Library, Florida, 2006; College English Association, San Antonio, Texas, 2006; Shakespeare and Co, Paris, France, 2005; Laie Bookstore, Barcelona, Spain, 2005; International House, Barcelona, Spain, 2005; transacciones, Tarifa, Spain; International Conference on the Short Story in English, Alcala de Henares, 2004; Feria del Libro, Madrid, Spain.

Documentation and Reviews/Documentación

- The University of Delaware Library, Special Collections.

- [In the making] Marjorie Kanter, An hour length film by Jose Luis Delgado Guitart and  Ricardo Echevarria, May 2006.  

- Review by Dr. Angel Amy Moreno, Five Stars, Amazon Reviews, 2005.

- Best pocket poetry book for 2004, Andrew Giles, InMadrid.

- Review by Andrew Giles, InMadrid.

- Reviewed in The Broadsheet, 2004.

Works in Progress/Proyectos en Desarrollo

The tables were turned and we all ate upside down ( a book length collection of short pieces), Gossip Column, Upside Down Movie, The Bagged Story Catalogue and The Bagged Story Wall, A long silence entre dos: installation plus intervention plus investigation; Bilingual codes: French computer, gossip column, and Prueba de lectura, installation plus intervention plus investigation.

Workshop Facilitator/Facilitador de Talleres y Seminarios

- Creativity and Writing, Ibn Batuta High School, Tangier, Morocco, May, 2015.

- Creativity and Writing Workshop, Berlanga Bilingual HIgh School, Spring 2014.

- Creativity and Writing + Meet the Author, University of Minnesota, Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies and Global Studies, March, 2012.

- Creativity, Interculturality, Writing and Little Scripts, Workshop plus participant performances, Performing Tangier, Upcoming Conference, Tangier, Morocco, June 2011.

- Creativity and Writing: A Threaded Sequence, Seminar/Workshop for the Department of English Studies, University of Alicante, Seminar, April 2011.

- Contemporary Writer’s Forum, University of Siegen, 2010.

- A Writer's Point of View: Readings for an Interactive Session, La Universidad Complutense, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Madrid, 2008.

- Fun with Words + Silences and In-Communication: A Writer’s Sequence, An introductory and on-going Writer’s Workshop for a group of international women in Madrid, since 2008.  

- Exploring Creativity, Writing and Interculturality for Adolescents and Children, Fundación La Caixa, Lleida, Spain, in Spanish in conjunction with text installations, 2007.

- Creative writing in an intercultural context, Workshop in English, Asociación Wafae, Tangier, Morocco, 2006.

Conference Presentations/Conferencias

-Similitudes, The International Short Story Conference in English, Shanghai, China, July 2016.

- Auto-ethnographic, linguistic interacts, and behavioral boundary crossings in creative writing, Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self, Barcelona Spain, May 2015.

- Performing Tangier, Memory and Archive, May 2015 (Chair for Emerging Scholars Panel and member of Conference Committee), May 2015

-The Bagged Stories: A project, Performing Tangier, Morocco, 2014.

-Is it a Short Story, Flash Fiction, a Tweet or a Poem?, The 13th International Short Story in English, Vienna, Austria, July 2014, Presentation.

- Im/politeness and Transformations:  Two Projects using the New Media, Mesea, Barcelona, Creative reading and paper, June, 2012.

- Transformations: A project – A Facebook Event, Performing Tangier, Morocco, Paper and Workshop, June 2012.

- Expat Writer: Multiple Language Use in Context - National Conference of the College English Association, St. Petersburg, Florida, March-April 2011.

- Im/polite Matters: Creative Texts and Projects, Clan, 4th International Congress Intercultural Pragmatics, Madrid, November, 2010

- Paul Bowles: Cultural and linguistic intrusions and infusions, DoYouBowles, Paul Bowles Centennial – International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 2010.

- Paul Bowles:Mixing Codes and Crossing Borders, Performing Tangier Conference, Bowles Beats Tangiers, Tangier, Morocco, 2008.

- Expat Writer: Multiple Language Use in Context, Expat or Expatriate, St. Louis University, Madrid, 2007

- Popular Culture Conference, The Bagged Stories, Boston, Ma. 2007

- Expat Writers, Presentation of self as writer + reading, University of New Orleans in Madrid, 2006.

- The Inside Outsider: Marked by self/Marked by other, Intl. Conference on Contrastive Linguistics, Santiago de Compostela, 2005.

- Conventions and Inventions: Brief Literary Encounters, International  Conference on Discourse Analysis, Valencia, 2004.

- Dynamic Classroom Use of Short Literary Pieces, TESOL Conference, Madrid, 2004.

- In-service training for Bilingual Special Needs, National Association of Bilingual Education, 1981.

Employment in the Field of Education /Trabajo en el Campo de la Educación

Building Communicative Compentence in English (2012 to present)

- Bankinter, (2015-2016)

- Talketika, (Curso discapacitados físicos y mentales, Aimpf) (2014-2015)

- Hospital Gregorio Marañon, English for doctors, (Spring 2014 - present)

- The Bank of Spain, English Intermediate and Advanced, (2012-2014, 2016-present)

 - Repsol, Language Solutions, English Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, (2012)

Spanish for Foreigners  (1996-1998)

- Tetuan Community School in Madrid

Trainer and program direction-coordination/Formación y dirección (1975-1985)

- Headstart, Boston, Massachusetts, Teacher Trainer using a three pronged model of demonstration lessons, lecture-workshops, and observation-feedback of classroom teacher lessons.

- Massachusetts Department of Education, Coordinator of Teacher Training. Program for teachers, special education teachers and administrators in the area of servicing linguistic minority children.

- Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts, Training Coordinator for University Faculty in the areas of servicing linguistic minority populations and cultural diversity.

- Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts, Program Director for a Masters Program in Bilingual Special Education.

- Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, Consultant in Bilingual Speech and Language Therapy and Intercultural Matters.

- Framingham Public Schools, Massachusetts, consultant to help resolve prima facie denial issues of minority students.


- Lecturer in Bilingual Special Education, Language Development and Assessment, Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts.

Public and Private Schools: Direct Services/Servicios directos en Centros Públicos y Privados

- Bilingual Speech Therapist, Cambridge Public Schools, Massachusetts, 1975-1979.

- Bilingual Speech Therapist, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1973-4.

- Speech and Language Therapist, Easter Seal Society, York, Pa., 1971-1973.

- Speech and Language Therapist, Tri-County Center, Southeastern Ohio, 1970-1971.

- Speech Therapist, US Dependent Schools, Madrid Spain, 1968-1969.

- Speech Therapist, Hamilton County, Ohio, 1966-1967.

Founder, Organizer, Leader/Fundadora y Organizadora

Committee Member for the conference Performing  Tangier june 2012 to present.                                                                       

The Mad Open Mic Series: Captured Words,  June 2008 to present.
- Writers Workshop, Madrid, Spain.
- Madexist, Tertulia, Madrid, Spain.
- Madshorts, Tertulia for reading and discussion of the short story.


- Massachusetts Association of Bilingual Education, Editor, Conference coordination and presentations.

- Vice President-National Association of Bilingual Education, USA, Chairperson. ???


- Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, BFA in Speech and Language Therapy, Minors in Psychology, Education and Fine Arts, 1965.

- University of Cincinnati, MA in Speech and Language Pathology, Thesis -Kanter Delgado Test for Articulation Evaluation in Spanish, 1979.

- Additional courses in psychology, education, Spanish, Arabic, French, linguistics, bilingualism at Harvard University, Boston University, La Universidad Complutense, La Universidad de Rabat, etc.

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