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Second edition

"I displace the air as I walk" is a collection of short literary pieces: narrative stories in condensed form and poem-like pieces that reflect larger universal themes of understanding and misunderstanding; communication and miscommunication.These writings are culled from Ms. Kanter's journals of the past eighteen years during which time she has lived and travelled in Madrid, Southern Spain, the Dominican Republic, Morocco and the United States. The book is divided into six geographical spaces and/or time frames each highlighted by a role definition:

The Wanderer: Spain 1967-69 
The Zookeeper: Caribe
The Guest: Morocco
The Expat: Boston 
The Stranger: Tarifa
The Resident: Madrid

For the 100 Im/polite Days project, I generated 100 tweets for 100 days on Twitter and Facebook from December 2, 2009 until March 10th to provoke thinking (my own and others) on the topic of communication and incommunication in general & politeness &impoliteness in particular; both within a culture &crossing cultures. Posterior to the live project, a book was produced.

The Sadde Stitch Notebooks

"The Saddle Stitch Notebooks", a project of working pieces by Marjorie Kanter, was begun in March 2006. There are currently eight small booklets in the collection with eleven literary pieces in each volume. Each number focuses in some way on a theme: relationships, appearances, mishaps, juxtapositions, identities, codes, ingredients, and traces.

In process. Historias para la espera

Historias para la espera sera/es una colección de adaptaciones al castellano seleccionadas de los originales publicados en inglés en "I displace the air as I walk", "Small Talk" y "The Saddle Stitch Notebooks". Orquestado por Marjorie Kanter con la colaboración de Jose Luis Delgado Guitart y un pequeño batallón de nativos de la lengua castellana.


Historias para la espera will be/is a collection of adaptations to Spanish of originals published in English in "I displace the air as I walk", "Small Talk" and "The Saddle Stitch Notebooks".  Orchestrated by Marjorie Kanter with the collaboration of Jose Luis Delgado Guitart and a small army of native speakers of Spanish.

Selección: Historias para la Espera

«Antología de encuentros poético-artísticos de otoño en La Lobera de Gredos 2007-2017»

Coordina Angeles Fernangómez, Editorial El Juglar, Febrero, 2019.

Marjorie Kanter is included with two texts:  The Napkin/La Servilletta and Arrival/La Llegada in both English and Spanish.

Antologia Lobera.png

Writing for Life

NEW ONLINE issue of "THE SOUL OF THE AMERICAN ACTOR" (22nd Year): Writing for Life by Marjorie Kanter. 

General link at, reaching over 25,000 readers across America and the world.  

"Small Talk" by Marjorie Kanter is a collection of short literary or poem-like pieces largely based on real experience observed and/or participated in and some questions and reflections.  "It plays like jazz with improvisations, melody and different tempos.  Marjorie Kanter fills the texts with irony, humor and sensitivity.  To read her pieces is an expanded experience that changes every time your read them. Small Talk is a compilation of her work over a ten year period." (Delgado Guitart),  20 euros , La Espiral Escrita, 2016.  Copies available of the limited edition, signed and numbered

The Bagged Stories

An on-going poetry-literary art project by Marjorie Kanter begun in 2007.  The project consists of a poetry-storytext by the author printed on a gray card (14 1/2 by 10 1/4 cm) & joined with an object that is carefully selected for meaning & size to go with the piece & then both items are popped into a zip-lock bag. For some texts, there are a variety of objects; each is then a separate piece.  As this began as a popular culture project, an attempt was made at the outset to find free or very cheap objects, always controlling for something that the author liked & felt satisfied with in its mesh with the text. As time has gone by, the project has expanded to include more unique objects, including a few antiques, one being a handkerchief hand embroidered by a great political grandmother.